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Capacity building enviromental friendly transport systems

Ecotrans is a partnership program between Hanoi People's Committee - region Ile de France and Hannover. It is supported by the European Union.

Ecotrans has started in Sept.2005 and will end in March 2008. It is a successor program to the ASIATRANS program, which was funded under the European.

Hanoi Public Transport – Past and Future

When the streetcar in Hanoi – there were 5 lines – ended ist service in 1990 and regional trains were not anymore allowed to reach Hanoi Station (Ga Hanoi), public transport practically collapsed. With the creation of the Transport Managaement and operation Center (TRAMOC) in 1998 bus services slowly started to rebound. In 1991, there were 32 000 passengers transported per day.

Assisted by a foreign advisor and supported by the ASIATRANS project, and than the ECOTRANS project, Public Transport in Hanoi made a big leap. The city reorganized ist bus companies under the umbrella of a new company, TRANSERCO, and invested in new busses. In addition, the city received a gift of 50 second hand Renault busses from RATP, Paris.

Today, Public Transport of Hanoi transports more than 600 000 passengers per day in a well published net, which is not only appreciated by the population of Hanoi but also by foreigners, living in the city or visiting it.

The remarkable success of these efforts encouraged the Woreld Bank to propose introduction of a Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT), whic is actively prepared. Supported by the efforts of Ile de France, the French government has committed itself to share the financing of a first Metro Line, which is to take over the so far most successful bus route. A second route, to be financed by the Japanese Development Bank, is under study. Last but not least, the French government also promised the rehabilitation of the historic Long Bien bridge, which may become another milestone for puiblic transport development for Hanoi and ist region.

The objectives of EcoTrans

ECOTRANS aims to strengthen this remarkable success and to orient it for the challenges of the future, as they are laid down in the CIVITAS initiative of European citites.

The objectives of the ECOTRANS project are:

1 - Capacity building of the city‘s Public Transport Authority, today still under name of TRAMOC

2 - Improving of Operation and Maintenance of busses

3 - Passenger Information and Marketing and Ticketing

4 - Improving bus stop access and interchange between lines

5 - Transport to the Region

To realize these objectives a whole serious of activities have been carried out or prepared and have to be terminated by the end of the program


1. Study tour, seminars and courses

2. Standards for buses

3. Improve bus stop access

4. Commuter transport

5. Maintenance and improving performance

6. GIS for public transport in Hanoi

7. Bus information system and ticketing

8. Improving the management



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