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Study tour

Oct. 2005: Hamburg – Hannover – Cologne and Paris: focus on intermodal transport by bus- streetcar – rail, and intermodal interchange.

July 2006: Lyon – Paris. Focus: Insitutional organization in the Public Transport Sector.

April 2008: Nantes – Strassbourg – Freiburg: go green with Public Transport

Members of Vietnamese delegation using bicycle public service in Lyon

Meeting with Ile de France Public Transport Authority


The Seminars are held in Hanoi. They aim to bring together leading experts from the partners.

          March 2006: Diagnostic Seminar – Presentation and discussion of the objactives and methods of ECOTRANS.

          April May 2007: Presentation of Study bus stop access and commuter transport.

          January 2008: Evaluation of the project. Can Public Transport contribute to meet the challenges of climate change and poverty reduction ? 


The courses aim to imrpove the knowledge of transportation science and bus operation and management of the personnel of Public Transport of Hanoi. 5 Courses have been held in June/July 2007 on

A - Modal Split – The consumer choice 

B - Productivity – The art of management

C - The new goals of transport policy: Maximum benefit from the people –minimum impact on the environment

D - Best use of urban space – the art of urban planning

E - The challenge of the future: sustainable transport

The next series of courses – case studies – started in November 2007.

Driver training

Following last years’ public transport rapid growth the bus companies had to hire new drivers, but their skills, in particular in regards to safe and careful driving are low. There is an urgent need to improve this situation and to carry out regular courses for drivers. EcoTrans is to organize trainings for the bus driver trainers. This action is conducted by  Mr Vandon, expert in charge of the bus driver training center in RATP. He is also to make propositions to reorganize the whole driver training process

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