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SĐT : 1900.6836
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Generation O: The streetcar of Hanoi 1901-1990. The 5 streetcar lines created the structure of today‘s city.
Generation 1: The IFA, built on a truck, delivered by the German Democratic Republic. This was a work horse, fuel guzzling, uncomfortable, polluting, but reliable
Generation 2: The Daewoo, reliable, with basic comfort, but air condition. With a consumption of 45 l per 100 km still a fuel burner.
Generation 3? Wide doors and lower floor should make it accessible for handicapped. An attractive and comfortable design must making a transport of choice, also for a population, which otherwise might use the motorbike or the car.

      Generation 0                                 Generation 1


        Generation 2                            Generation 3

The new Metro will rival the bus by its appeal and speed.

-          Accessibility for handicapped and the old: doors 80cm wide. Floor height maximum 60 cm. Interior height minimum 180 cm. 

-        Emission norm: EURO III after 2010. Fuel consumption maximum   30 l per hundert km under Hanoi operation conditions.

-          Disk-brakes and automatic transmission for safety and comfort.

-          Regular maintenance for keeping the emission down and assure proper functioning of breaks and long life for the bus. 

Type of vehicle which will run on Hanoi metro line

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