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In the framework of the project "Capacity Building Environmental friendly Transport system -HaNoi ECOTRANS funded by EU", Hanoi Transport Management and Operation Center (Tramoc) will purchase these equipments

1/ Name of the equipment : The Fuel Injection Pump Test Machine for testing and setting rotary – and in - line diesel  injection pumps , fitted on engines of cars , light motorcars , heavy vehicles up to 8 cylinder
2/ Number of the equipment : 01
3/ The main specification of the equipment :
- Flows measurements on test tube, with pre-selection and digital display of the deliverires

- Injection phasing with the overflowing system at high hydraulic pressure.

- Measurement of feeding pump of the injection rotative pumps.

- Testing and setting of pneumatic supercharger

- Equipped with a speed digital display and with a setting thermo - regulator for hydraulic oil temperature regulation.

4/ The offer should included:

- Expenses for designing, consulting, installation, foundation supervising.

- Expenses for testing operation and technological handing over.

- Expenses for free warranty with 18 months.

- Price quotation in VN Dong or Euro.

- Valid for offer dossier up to July 21st, 2008

5/  The original equipment

- The equipment offered must come from different countries: EU or Vietnam or South East Asia, but exlude Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan.

You are invited to offer the above equipment, your interest letter with the offer dossier should be reached at the address under here, not later than  June 21st ,  2008

Hanoi Transport Management and Operation Center

16 Cao Ba Quat Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: (+844) 747 0029              Fax: (+844) 7470024

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