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Ho Chi Minh city will offer a monthly ticket or single tickets for free to more than 10.000 city officer in order to creat habit of using bus service. Particularly, Officer at Department of Transport have to use this modal twice a week. This will commence on 1st September.

 Represetative from Department of Transport said, in a short term, we only encourage city officers to go bus, not yet make any obligation.

 According to direction of Ho Chi Minh city authorities, Provincial Leaders will organize more parkings for 2 wheels vehicle near bus stop, in order to make advantage conditions for passenger who uses public transport.

In plan to call civil using public transport service or non-engine vehicle, Ho Chi Minh city will propaganda strongly on public media.

Ho Chi Minh city have make proposal with 2 phase: from early Setemper to end of this year, encourage leaders, communist members, young members, officers, students and workers using bus service. After this phase, from next year, The city will encourage all resident to use bus service at least one a week.

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