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As Prime Minister’s requirement, in the end of 2012, Cities and Provinces across the country, including Hanoi which have Limited Personal Means Scheme. However, Hanoi or Hochiminh Bus load hardly people’s travel demand. Hanoi: Bus in Hanoi only load 10% demand.

    In despite of much effort in nearly 10 years, Hanoi bus only load 10% people’s travel demand. The project of developing public passenger transport by bus has difficult tasks which People’s Committee has been approved, till 2015 the bus will supply 15% people’s travel demand, in 2020 will be 20%.


Quality of Public Transport is problem which people concern

  Moreover, in the period from now to 2015, Hanoi is not yet having the urban railway, subway so limited personal means and only rely on the bus will be very difficult. For example, there are nearly 7 millions peoplen in Hanoi but only 1200 buses are operating on 75 routes. In basic, the routes have formed the net but there are not any bus in many areas.

  According to representatives of the Hanoi Transportation Company, the transport output was reached 420 million passengers in 2010. However, the people’s travel demand is increasing which is the paradox, the infrastructure is too cramped for buses’ operation, which sometimes cause congestion.

  To achieve this goal, especially since the Prime Minister is required to draw up plans to limit personal means in major cities, Hanoi Department of Transportation has implemented several plans.

  According to Mr. Nguyen Hoang Linh, Vice Director of Hanoi Department of Transportation, first of all Hanoi will organize the bus routes’ operation, beside the inner bus routes, Deparment will also add 10 suburban bus routes (mainly in Ha Tay areas) are entitled to subsidies by the State.

  In addition to coordinate with Traffic Inspectors, the police regularly inspect, handle and not allow all buses which are violation. From now to 2015, The Department will require all vehicles which are ensured 03 European Emission Standards (European Clean Emission Standards).

  By that time, if any transport enterprise does not meet this requirement, the Department of Transportation will stop operating the disqualified buses.

Every day 90% Hanoi People are using personal means

  Besides priority developing buses infrastructure, the city also needs to have appropriate finance to motivate and encourage public transport enterprises which invest, innovate new means, approximating trillions in the coming years.

  According to transport experts, to limit personal means, if only the planning and expecting on the bus which would be very difficult. "To supply 15 or 20%, the just only bus can not load all people’s travel demand. If kind of customers would not be shared, the policy of limited personal means will be very difficult" Mr. Bui Danh Lien - Chairman of Hanoi Transport Association said.

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