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People are always made by all noises in Hanoi streets from engines, whistles, cock-crowing, shouts, goods for sale. There is an unusual atmosphere on the bus, Juliette Elfick surprised when she realizes that.



She is a foreigner who is living in Hanoi and often travels by bus. Elfick told about this public transport system on The Telegraph. 


Obviously, the foreigners rarely travel by bus, but for me it is a great way to experience a part of the daily life in Hanoi, and to view Hanoi from above. Moreover, bus fare is amazing cheap (3,000 VND is equivalent of 0.14USD). Also there is very good air con on the bus which help everybody cooler. 


It also has certain disadvantages, such as the driver sometimes  drive slowly, not stop at bus station. Some buses are dusty and crowded at rush hours

Sometimes drivers and conductors beating up unruly passengers, make the foreigners knew so panic, or the Vietnam traffic policeman hold the car which is being driven rapidly in video clip as well as many people are made looking for meat

But when you have to choose a vehicle to get around, bus is not a bad option. 


The foreigners are living in Tay Ho area, where is far from old town about 10 minutes driving. These foreigners has their own drivers or private cars. They are charmed by elegance and comfort of their private cars, they cannot give up comfort and loved ones. If you cannot or do not like a private driver, the motorcycle taxi is a good option.


The traffic policeman hold the bus' wiper to stop it.

 When the foreigners recognized motorcycle taxi driver drunk, even at 10 am, witnessed the crazy driving behavior and read the documentation on the number of deaths cause of traffic accidents in Vietnam , I decided taxi which is my transport’s son. But taxi cost is too expensive everyweek ( we rarely take a walk to somewhere because the weather is hot, sidewalk encroachment, crazy drivers and a long distant), I have to find out the other choice.


Finally, I decide to take trying on bus and completely unexpected comfort, not long after that I realized the great modern bus service near my house are special. Most buses are old, dirty and over crowded. But it is clear that buses bring undeniable benefits: you become a real Hanoian; to sit higher from the congestion; through the ability to "intimidate" crowd that you are travelling faster. 


Conduct rule on the bus is also interesting, because it is completely contrary to reality in Hanoi . I asked a Hanoian about this thing and she did not know why there was the unwritten rule. Noise from construction work, transport, karaoke bars, barking dogs, cock crowing, the shouting through the phone, rang out everywhere in Hanoi .


However, nobody make a phone call or talk too loudly on the bus; including student groups, who are always loudly at the bus station, suddenly quite into the bus. My son, who is pampered by Hanoian, was yelled by powerful conductor because he giggled on the bus. Meanwhile, the driver is allowed play the K-pop songs or romantic ballads to the deaf ear. Passengers who had to stand or sit in place by conductors’ drive; sometimes, he ordered them to change their seats without any reason.

Bus in Hanoi


Another factor when considering using any means of transport is pollution problem. With the rapid development, recently Hanoi is the most polluted city in Asia , mainly caused by vehicles.Visited Hanoi in 1996, I saw it was a city of bicycles. For now, it is a city of more and more motorcycles and cars. Traffic congestion is really bad problem day by day, no other public transport without bus. A metro system is being built slowly.


My friends have left the Asian cities because of pollution and traffic, Hanoi is going on trail vehicle. Currently, only the bus system is loading the explosed pollution.
However, as long as I live here, I'll take the bus, crowded with other passengers, a little prying into Hanoian’s life. And after enjoying loudly pop music in the bus this morning, I'll buy a pair of ear plugs

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