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Traffic safety

(According to Capital Security Newspaper) – To mitigate traffic congestion at rush hour in Hanoi today, many experts said that We should promote the development of public transport system, and control the growth of personal vehicles.

Lack of synchronous Infrastructure 

In the city, there are 583 routes under the management of the Department of Transportation, with a total length of 1.178km, including all kind of roads such as: axial lines, ring roads etc… Transportation system has existed many weak points and becomes the challenge of urban transport in Hanoi , as: incompleted ring roads, axial lines, the intersections of the national rail line through downtown still exist. In addition, the decentralization of urban road network is not clear, asymmetries with functions of cross – road, road way and pavement are being encroached seriously. 

Furthermore, the parking is not enough, the whole of city just has got over 150 places with the public parking area of ​​272.000m2, about 1 to 1.5% of urban land area, while the required from 3-5%. 

Meanwhile transport infrastructure was developed slowly and unequally, the rate of vehicles’ increase on roads is very strong. There are 3.7 million motorcycles and 400,000 cars in the city. Mr. Michael Bose – Urban Planning Experts, Senior Adviser at the University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh said that Vietnam is owned the most motorcycles in the world, and is ranked fourth in quantity of vehicles annually. 

Speed during rush hours only 15-20km/h in Hanoi . However, Mr. Bose warned that if congestion is increasing at the present, the speed will be reduced in the future. In addition, the act on roads of Vietnamese are not disciplined. "If do not focus on developing public transport infrastructure in Hanoi , there will be paralyzed due to congestion at rush hours. Many people believe that motorcycles are the causes of congestion and accidents, if cars replace motorcycles the situation is worse than that.", Mr. Bose said. 

To mitigate transportation congestion, many experts believe that we should be developed public transportation.

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