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Traffic safety

(Transport Newspaper) Over many past years, Hanoi people have become very familiar with “giant buses”, reaching and making their way into every streets to carry hundred thousand times of passengers for Hanoi Capital.

(Transport Newspaper) Over many past years, Hanoi people have become very familiar with “giant buses”, reaching and making their way into every streets to carry hundred thousand times of passengers for Hanoi Capital. The owner unit of almost such buses is the Hanoi Transport Corporation (Transerco) who is called by many people as “Mr.Bus”. Recently, this “Mr.Bus” shown a great determination to deploy the Resolution No.32 of the  Government and to ensure traffic safety for those buses in particular, for passengers and road users in general...

The reason why this is said the determination is because Transerco has had many concrete plans and measures to carry out the Resolution No.32 of the  Government upon measures to curb and control traffic accidents and congestion. By end of August 2007, Mr.Bui Xuan Dung who is the Chairman of the Board of Management of Transerco has signed the Decision No. 2392/QĐ-TCT upon issuing an Action Plan to secure traffic safety up to 2010 and specific works in months of end of 2007 to implement the Resolution No.32.

To carry out this Action Plan, Transerco has set up a dedicated Traffic Safety Board whose head is Mr. Chairman of the Board of Management. According to Mr.Nguyen Doan Dung, General Director of  Transerco, to ensure traffic safety, it firstly needs to improve management of operation and training, education for drivers.

In the past time, Transerco reviewed actual operation conditions of buses within Hanoi territory so as from which to access and solve traffic accident problem under different angles. In which, Transerco paid a particular attention to challenges on all four forming aspects of traffic safety, which are: driver – vehicle – infrastructure – transport environment. From which this was concretized by Transerco as the plan to enhance service quality and ensure traffic safety with specific itinerary and implementing priorities.

One of the operation improvement program that Transerco paid a particular attention is to build and put into application of system of processes, regulations in organization and management of production. In which, bus operation criteria has been set up as one of nine key criteria to consider paying low or high monthly income to drivers. Time to keep or increase salary level of drivers also is considered, evaluated annually based on number of Km of safe vehicle running

Technological solutions help manage, supervise quality of vehicle control as well as obedience of the Road Traffic Law in the past time was also carried out synchronously. Thus, all violations of drivers such as sudden braking, sudden speed increasing, running over the specified speed limit or wrong schedule,.... shall be recorded by the modern technological system installed on vehicles. From those data, leadership of Transerco shall make instruction, remind and timely handling drivers who violated.

In the past time, together with the close cooperation of mass organization such as the Union, Youth, Transerco has mobilized continuously many emulation movement such as : bus civilization; Joint forces to build bus culture; keeping good vehicles, driving safely, serving in civilized manner,.... have contributed to minimize traffic accidents caused by buses, and also to enhance perception of traffic safety for drivers in particular and bus passengers in general.

Most recently, to implement the Resolution No.32 of the  Government , Transerco has built a separate action plan consisting of 7 big solution groups to have a penetrating direction among entire staffing and labors.

A note-worthy point is that from September 15, 2007, Transerco has required 100% of staffing, Party’s members to wear helmet on all the road while according to the Government’s schedule, it is required to wear helmet on national highways only..

Transerco also continues program to improve, complete system of policy, process, regulation to strengthen ensuring traffic safety. Specifically process on maintenance, repair, handling incidents on road; to check and supervise bus operation; recruitment, training, management of drivers,.....need to attach with works to ensure traffic safety.

 According to Mr.Nguyen Doan Dung, General Director of  Transerco, the action plan of Transerco aims at undertaking the Resolution No.32 of the  Government is not only temporary “rush” times  for few weeks, few months but also is a focus and frequent program for years.

 A lot of difficulties and challenges still remain but with determination and efforts of entire staffing and labors, it is sure that Transerco shall implement the set targets, contributing to ensure urban order and push back traffic accidents.

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