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Traffic safety

According to research Project improving urban transport by IT solutions and communications by FPT, external transport infrastructure systems needed to resolve synchronously and in long term, there are many solutions in short term.

Research results show that the toll plaza at the gateway city to take time each car for 5 minutes. Personal transport is overcrowded and growing, making an average speed of transport is very slow, particularly for two-wheel vehicle is 10km/h, 4-wheels vehicle is 8 km/h.

At present about 10% of population using the bus but the traffic flow is very limited, while if we want people to take the bus more and feel more convenient, it must increase the flow up 3 times or more.

Traffic Signal Operations Center at 40 Hang Bai.

One other disturbing problem is the poor traffic sense of people, particular one-way stress violation has caused more than 20% of the incidents; more than 50% is due to running a red light.

  Mr. Nguyen Huu Thai Hoa, strategy director of FPT, said that from this status, FPT was taking the survey and finding five solutions; however, first of all, it is deploying channels, which provide traffic information (congestion points, accidents) on the streets through electronic billboards on the way so people can take the initiative to reduce congestion

  Besides, building monitoring camera system detects automatically the violation vehicles support "punishment". The automatic monitoring system can raise awareness of compliance with traffic laws effectively.

  To reduce personal vehicles, FPT suggested using RFID identification technology charge by the hour; handle congestion at the gateway to the City by limiting stops when passing through toll booths from 5 to 60 times lower minutes to 5 seconds per vehicle when the charging station in the solution does not need to stop parking charges;

  Another solution proposed by FPT is building the public transport operation center in the deployment of intelligent systems for public transport using standard black box, the center operating the bulletin board at waiting stations. In fact, intelligent solutions help reduce traffic congestion by 20% in Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore and six major cities of India are applying IT for traffic problems. FPT said that if the above short-term solution was made, within 6-12 months, Hanoi could reduce by 30% of congestion cases. FPT wants collaboration with Hanoi to pilot in some hot spots in Hanoi .

Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen The Thao, Hanoi is very interested in the application of IT solutions to reduce traffic congestion.- Photo: VGP/Viet Ha

  Recently, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee has assigned the Hanoi DOT shall work with FPT to carry out application research some measures to reduce traffic congestion. Chairman Nguyen The Thao said that the problem traffic congestion in Ha Noi at present needs many synchronization solutions that combines transportation and urban solutions as the relocation of the offices out of the center or reduce immigration .... Besides long-term solution to infrastructure investment, Hanoi is currently focused on the implementation of immediate measures, mainly reasonable traffic organizing.

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