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Traffic safety

On the Traffic Law of propagation as well as documents related to traffic order and safety, just only to know how many conferences are held, how many objects are propaganda, how many books, leaflets are gave...But we can not count how many people know provision of law or do legal compliance.

After more than four years, the country "urgently" implement the Resolution 32 of the Government to curb traffic accidents, but the result is not very satisfactory. Looking at the reported figures, the number of traffic accidents and deaths have decreased, but unsustainable. More alarming, the number of traffic accidents particularly serious tends to increase.  


The traffic participants has not changed  


Mr Tran Son Lieutenant Colonel - Deputy Head of the Propaganda Guide Traffic Law, Road Rail Traffic Police Department said: “Until now, no laws have been extensive propaganda as Traffic Law”. However, unmentioned the scope of propaganda are limited (according to the General Road Department, in the four years of broadcasting propaganda materials are just numbers in thousands, as speaker cars with 462 times are in the local with national highway passing through and to develop 3150 notebooks for students of primary schools, secondary schools and to develop the 25,000 leaflets and posters with such amount is very small compared to the amount of traffic participants), finally we have not found effective. 

Restricting traffic accidents have not changed the real and also to be "lucky and unlucky". For example, in 2009 numbers of traffic accidents have decreased 837 with the year before, but 2010 this number increased 1,915 cases. The first 6 months of 2011, there are 23,065 cases, killing 5,662 people, injured 25,662 people. In particular, 53 accidents have particularly serious with 166 people dead, 185 injured. According to the General Road : 70.4% of accidents has subjective reasons, such as: the wrong lane, to avoid excess of regulations, violations of speed, navigation without observation. Only 30% of reasons are no safety technical and other ones.  


For special cases of serious traffic accidents, which are causing sore in public recently, speeding violations, irregularly dodge and overtake to compete for customer is the main reasons. “ 80% of serious traffic accidents cause by public buses, owners are private company; 97% of other ones cause by speeding violations, the wrong lane, irregularly dodging and overtaking, attentively observing” – Lieutenant Colonel Mr Tran Son said that.  


The paradox is that, "although the propaganda and enforcement of the law has a strong impact, transform the sense of law of traffic participants" (Review of The General Road Department), so  analyzing the causes of traffic accidents from 2007 to present, is mainly caused by drivers of vehicles do not observe traffic rules, fast speeding, dangerous overtaking, lane encroachment, irregularly dodging and overtaking… 


The role of propaganda and dissemination, training the Law has been recognized correctly, but it is difficult to assess the effect.  


Just only to know how many conferences are held, how many objects are propaganda, how many books, leaflets are gave...But we can not count how many people know provision of law or do legal compliance.  


Managing Drivers  

Through analysis,  "dissection" of the accident that causes very old, largely due to humans. Meanwhile, the management of State administration in training and supervising driver team is still insufficient. “ Drivers Team are generally the level of knowledge of traffic laws, riding skills, handling the situation on the road is still young. The drivers do not ensure health standards, commonly do not comply with not driving more than 4 hours / shift, 10 hours / day


Mr. Than Van Thanh Chief of The National Traffic Safety Committee said: The general point in cases of serious traffic accidents that recently occurred at night and early morning. At this time, drivers are often tired, sleepy and lack of supervision of the function force. The popularity of the car owners do not care about safety, only to focus on profitability, driving under the pressure of often work in long period, violation of safety rules, dangerous speeding and overtaking. In addition, the training and testing, driver licensing, registration and inspection facilities are also inadequate "The testing center explosion" run by profit, not interested in safety, clipping the training program. Ethics and responsibility profession of driver is so bad, but not measures to improve '- Mr Tran Son identified  


Because of this reason, apart from propaganda and raising awareness is being promoted few years ago, penalties have also increased. Particularly in urban areas, the sanctions increased from 40% to 200% compared to the past. However, the "dose" is not strong enough. In the future, the authorities mentioned the need to build a system of training, testing and licensing drivers of international standards in the world and region.  


Also, The General Road propose The Goverment to take  the traffic law into the main subjects in the school. Consideration to the observance of traffic laws is one of the hard criteria to evaluate and commenting upon the annual competition, to solve the main cause of the accident. 

According to People’s Police Newspaper

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