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On the Ocassion of Family Day (June 28th), Hanoi Trade -Union of Transport with the leaders of Hanoi Department of Transportation together held a conference to praise Excellent and Typical Family in 2011

There are many attended leaders, such as: Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha - Vice President of Labor -Union of Hanoi, Mr. Doan Van Buu - Vice President of Trade -Union of Transport, Labor Union Representatives, The Labor -Union of county and district, Trade Union under the Labor -Union City; Representatives of the Trade Union of Vietnam Transport and all officials - employees with 33 typical  families attend in full numbers. This  conference celebrates and promotes the role of each Officials and Employees  in agencies, enterprises and units, also in family and society, contributes to maintaining the tradition of humanism, ethics and discipline in Vietnamese family. 

Among 33 Excellent families at the conference praised “Excellent and Typical Family” of Hanoi Transport Sector including Ms. Dao Thi Hong Nhung – Her typical family, Deputy head of economic management – The second traffic management, she is  Bachelor of Law, Economics master, she has always successfully completed the assigned tasks and overcome all difficulties in life, she studies at the second university  and Master of Economic  every evenings. She is very dedicated, enthusiastic participation on the written contest by -union organizations and achieved top prizes in the contests. Her family always achieve annual family culture at the local. 

 Families as Mr. Bui Xuan Thuong -   President of the local Trade -Union - Head of organizational project management of urban traffic, Mr. Duong Van Thuy - Head of Bus ticket Yen Nghia Center Hanoi Bus management, Mr. Thach Nhu Sy - Chief Inspector Department of Transportation and his wife – Mrs. Pham Thi Phuong Hoa - Chairman of Trade of -Union, Deputy director of Tramoc .... all their families have The Excellent Family at local, always complete every tasks, take care their children well and create equality between the members of the family… 

In this Ocassion, Standing Committee has awarded certificates of merit and gifts to 33 typical families officials and employees  of Hanoi transport sector.




         According to Hanoi Department of Transportation

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