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Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transportation deploys to mobilize the people moving by bus from July 1st. To implement this plan, The Department will conduct project to 1,680 new buses to replace more than 1,300 old, seriously degraded ones.

  Also, Saigon Passenger Company will proceed to 50 buses with powered by clean fuel (CNG) in operation. Regarding the service, the movement about "Bus elegant and polite attendants, bus drivers with careful and leaving station", propagate  good behavior, the penalty for drivers, staffs violations will be adjusted to get efficiency in the roadmap. 

 This plan was conducted from July 1st 2011  to June 1st 2015 in two phases: The first phase, mobilizing party members, workers, officials, students to move by bus; The second phase, expanding to all living objects in Ho Chi Minh, but first of all staffs - employees and officials must set an exampleUnder the resolution proposed City Party Committee, till the end of 2015, the number of bus passenger will have to be increased from 7% to 15%.  


According to People Newspaper

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